Trend Micro Best Buy Activation

Online threats

It’s very important to secure all your electronic devices from online threats. As the cybercrime is increasing day by day it is very important to shield yourself against it. But that can not be attained just by setting a password on your computer.

Selecting Antivirus

Although you need an antivirus to secure your information. There are plenty of antiviruses available in the market but you should be very particular while choosing one. We recommend trend micro for complete online protection.

Furthermore below listed are the steps where we guide you about the trend micro best buy activation process

  • The first step is to open an internet browser on your computer.
  • The next step is to search for Trend Micro best buy activation setup file download link on the page.
  • After that download will start automatically on your computer.
  • Once downloaded double click on the downloaded setup file.
  • You will be prompted to grant system administrator’s permission to run the file.
  • Once you grant the permission, the installer will extract necessary files to run the program on your computer.
  • A prompt will appear on the screen that will ask to “choose your version”. You have to options either to choose for a paid version or trial version. In our case, we will be choosing the first one.
  • After selecting the paid version, you need to enter the serial number. The serial number is present on the retail card that you got with the copy of your antivirus.
  • After successful insertion of the serial number, the license agreement will appear on the screen.
  • Read it and click on the “agree” button.
  • Now you just have to wait for the installation to complete on it own.
  • When the installation is completed, just click on the finish button. trend micro antivirus will be activated on your computer by now.

The steps listed above are the complete steps involved in the installation and activation process of Trend micro best buy activation. The above steps are simplified to help you perform the activation on your own.
Just in case you still face the problem in Trend micro best buy activation we are there to help you with the whole process.

Trend Micro Best Buy Activation concluded in three steps–

Trend micro activation is similar to other antiviruses and can be completed in just three steps as listed below


Download setup file of trend micro best buy activation on your computer

Install the program

Double click on the setup file and let it install on your computer.

Activate the program

Once completely installed activate the program with the activation key that you received with your trend micro best buy activation purchase.